An opera in two acts, with music by Reine Jönsson. The story is set in two parallel worlds that become entwined by the end. We encounter the Monkey King and the Chinese World of the Gods at the same time as we accompany young Cecilia on her adventurous voyage aboard an East India vessel from Gothenburg to China. Cecilia and the Monkey King is sung in a make-believe language that serves as English, Chinese, Italian and Swedish. The libretto’s deeper meaning is left to the audience´s own imagination.Read More →

A dance performance for children, by PATRIK SÖRLING. Music by WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1759–1791) As a child he created the land of “There and Back” in his imagination, inspired by the nomadic lifestyle he led together with his sister and father. With this as his foundation Patrik Sörling has created a playful production for children set to the fantastic music of Trazom. King Backwards comprises a series of dance tableaux, inspired by Mozart’s musical tour of the castles and courts of Europe.Read More →